Why Do I Need Another Domain Name ?

Why would you want another domain name when you already have a website ?

Good question… and we have the answer: Backlinks & Traffic !

Many companies and smart entrepreneurs; use secondary domains to launch special promotions and advertising campaigns, that will attract, entice and engage customers then guide them through to their main business website. As you will own the additional domain name, you can choose the contents and when to run these campaigns for as long a you wish or to run promotions only at specific times of year – the choice is entirely yours.

This is not a service, with additional domain names – you will own them and you plan, build, operate your own business strategy. You are in control.

You will have seen large corporations make use of this strategy – McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Coke Cola, Pepsi, Microsoft, Samsung, HBO and Netflix have all run side advertising campaigns / offers through their own additional domain names and websites. Many many more corporate powerhouses continue to do so, creating a buzz with a smart and savvy social media campaign to attract visitors and to distribute vouchers or promote unique time based offers.

You know your business better that anyone – think how you could capitalise on a solution like this. For Example:

  • Announce a new range of summer products
  • An exciting special offer for one weekend only
  • A particular event / open house or online property viewing
  • Promote your service or product to a specific demographic or city
  • Build anticipation for the future launch of a new service
  • Flash sale offering discounts for visitors to the new website

As you decide what content you want to host on your 2nd or 3rd domains – you will link back to your main website from posts, articles; these increases your backlinks and reputation in the eyes of Google and other advertisers; which in turn improves the search ranking for your main business website.

Interested in seeing how an additional domain can increase your business ? Check out our portfolio or our social media feeds !