CREATIVEREPAIRS.COM is the perfect bespoke repair site awaiting your touch to become an amazing worldwide platform.

There is no better domain name for any entrepreneur to build an amazing repair business or franchise. This domain will make a strong & solid base for attracting workshop, repairs, retrofitting or car modding businesses. A jewellery businesses or even garden landscaping companies can capitalise on this fantastically snappy two word domain name.

Entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity or a niche internet marketing avenue wouldn’t need to look further than here. Imagine a forum for small craft businesses or a franchise of DIY handymen across a local city area. The possibilities are boundless for startups, business leaders and founders looking for that next successful venture.

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Domain For Sale: $750 USD

  • Registrar: bigrock
  • Age : 3 years old

 Domain Features:

  • Professional .COM top level domain
  • Much sought after TWO WORD domain name
  • Clear, succinct, descriptive domain name
  • Unambiguous, unabbreviated and grammatically correct URL
  • Strong & Solid base for attracting workshop, repairs, retrofitting or car modding businesses
  • Direct or parked – this domain attracts traffic and is a foundation for a lucrative site
  • HUGE potential for this domain with instant credibility in creative, handicrafts or repairs industries
  • Successful sale includes use of the featured icon & profile picture

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