CLUMSINESS.COM – A prestigious single dictionary word domain name. CLUMSINESS.COM could be utilised for medical symptoms analysis and possible alternative medicine treatments. Ideal for a blog site or medical forum.

Building a site around the CLUMSINESS.COM domain, could be coupled together with associated symptoms of mental or neural illnesses to raise awareness, garner support, focus on charitable campaigns, unite charitable causes and campaigners with listings, directories and forums. For enterprising entrepreneurs or established charity organisations – CLUMSINESS.COM could be the focal point your project or next business venture is waiting for. Get in touch and stake your claim on this unique domain name today !


Domain For Sale: $1,500 USD

Domain Features:

  • A truly unique .COM top level domain
  • An in demand singular dictionary word domain name
  • Punchy, descriptive signature domain name
  • Unambiguous, unabbreviated domain
  • Strong name for attracting charitable entities, campaigns, fundraisers and entrepreneurial business ventures
  • Direct or parked – this domain attracts traffic and is a foundation for a prolific, high visibility website
  • CLUMSINESS.COM carries a HUGE potential within charitable arenas and healthcare industries
  • Successful sale includes use of the featured icon & profile picture

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