CANUCHANGE.COM – Multi domain bundle of 5 domain names (.COM, .NET, .ORG, .ME, .US) is for sale. Ideal for self-help forums, books, apps and web projects.

Attractive for affiliate marketing, these domains could be utilised to promote self-help books via Amazon or to create your own care advice network for drug addiction and substance abuse victims. Existing clinics and counsellors could benefit greatly from deploying these domains as part of a campaign or talking point for the subject matter and their community work.

CANUCHANGE can also be utilised for relationship counselling, advice, gyms, fitness groups, trainers and online forums – its clear to see these domains offer a superb opportunity for entrepreneurial eye and a business mind.

Own the complete TLD set of domains and also personally orientated .us and .me URLs for your next motivational/self help project.






Payment via PayPal and transfer can be completed swiftly. Successful includes domain logo featured below.


  • Current Registrar: GoDaddy
  • Age: *Approx 3yrs
  • Professional .COM Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • Professional .NET Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • Professional .ORG Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • Professional .ME Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • Professional .US Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • Three word descriptive domain name
  • Strong, SEO compliant URL
  • Clear, powerful and descriptive domain
  • Perfectly suited for a Self-Help, NLP, Life Coaching, Motivational, Mental, Relationship Counceling, Awareness/Change project
  • Active or parked - these domains will attract web traffic to your service
  • A foundation for a lucrative well visited network of sites
  • Featured Images Included With Successful Sale


Payment via PayPal and domain transfer can be completed swiftly. Successful sale includes domain logo featured below.

  • NOTE: Stipulations apply for .US domain ownership. Please ensure you can own a .US domain before purchase. No refunds will be given if you fail to be able to transfer this into your registrar. Should this be the case, a domain rental arrangement might be available.